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For Any Electrical Repair Services In Geelong, We're Ready.
We Can Diagnose And Fix Your Electrics. 

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Electrical Repair Services All Throughout Geelong

If you're dealing with electrical problems in your home, you need to find a qualified and experienced electrician to take care of the repairs for you. Fortunately, our team can help with any type of general repair work you need. We're able to do any work in the Geelong area and beyond, and we're here to help you with all of your electrical needs. There is an endless list of things that can go wrong with the electrics in a home as well.

Here are some common problems we come across:

- Faulty wiring

- Damaged outlets

- Flickering lights

- Safety switch or blown fuses

electrician fixing power outlet

We can help with any kind of electric repairs throughout Geelong and perform fault finding diagnostics to determine what's wrong with your home's electrical system. We'll come to your home, assess the situation, and give you a free quote for the repairs. Of course if the situation can be fixed on the spot without needing to order in any special components, we have the capability to do same day repairs. We're always upfront and honest about our prices, so you'll know exactly what you're paying for before we start any work.

Geelong Electrical Safety Checks

Ensuring effective electrical safety checks is crucial for both residential and commercial properties. These checks involve inspecting electrical systems and components to prevent potential hazards such as fires, electric shocks, and equipment failure. Key steps in the process include examining wiring for wear and tear, ensuring all outlets and switches are functioning correctly, and testing circuit breakers and fuse boxes for reliability. Additionally, it is important to verify that all electrical appliances are properly grounded and within safe operating conditions.


Regular electrical safety checks not only safeguard the inhabitants and property but also enhance the longevity of electrical systems by identifying and addressing issues before they become critical.

In Victoria, it's mandatory for rental providers to have an electrical safety check performed every 2 years to meet compliance.

As we are fully qualified, of course we can help you with any electrical safety checks that your properties need.

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